Hospital Services

As a member, you can save up to 40% at thousands of hospitals

The Hospital Savings Program is a separate and distinct Benefit from our Physician Referral and Outpatient Facility Benefit. Members receive similar hospital discounts to those given to HMOs, Health Insurance companies and large self-insured corporate groups. 

Depending on the procedure and the particular hospital, savings can be quite significant. If you know that you or a family member requires a hospital stay, we'll work with you to find the hospital that offers the greatest savings. Members must pre-certify all hospital and facility services (except for hospital emergency room visits) through our Administrator prior to admittance - our concierge service will direct you in these proceedings.

Members must simply pay for their hospital or facility bill, in full, prior to receiving services in order to receive a referral to the hospital or facility. Hospital or facility charges estimated at under $2,000 may be guaranteed and paid via a major credit card. 

Hospital Savings Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this program insurance?
A: No. The Hospital Savings Program is not insurance, nor is it intended to replace insurance. It is a medical savings program that can save Members money, provided they are capable of making payment arrangements, in full, prior to receiving their services.

Q: Why have hospitals and facilities agreed to provide savings?
A: Hospitals and facilities have agreed to reduce their rates in exchange for guaranteed payment. Traditionally, access to reduced rates have been limited to insurers and self-insured groups. The Hospital Savings Program provides savings to Members by working within the existing medical payment system.

Q: Do I have to go to a certain hospital or facility?
A: The decision of a hospital or facility is the choice of the member and their doctor.  Our program can work with any hospital to guarantee that the member gets the lowest possible price for a scheduled hospital stay.  

Q: How much money will I save?
A: Members will always save money using the Hospital Savings Program. However, savings vary from provider to provider. Usual and customary savings can be up to 25% and more. In some cases, hospitals have agreed to package rates for certain procedures and savings of up to 40% and more are possible. On in-patient hospital cases, the Administrator will work with Members to provide potential savings figures so Members may make educated decisions when selecting a hospital or facility.

Q: If I can't pay the full bill, can I still obtain savings through the Hospital Savings Program?
A: No. If a Member is unable to guarantee payment of their medical bills up-front, the Administrator will not provide a referral to a facility or hospital.

Q: Can I save money using the Hospital Savings Program with my health insurance?
A: Yes. However, the Program Administrator does not coordinate benefits. What that means is, if a Member chooses to use the Hospital Savings Program to save money on an insurance deductible, the Member must pay for services through the Program Administrator and only then file the paid claim with their insurer. Members are sent a Statement of Savings showing how much they saved, along with the original bill from the provider. Members may then file the paid claim with their insurer to satisfy part or all of their deductible. If a provider is requested to file a claim with a Member's insurer, no savings will accrue to a Member through the Hospital Savings Program. 

Q: What are the restrictions of the plan?
A: The Hospital Savings Program has no restrictions. There are no limits on savings, no pre-existing condition limitations, no waiting periods. If a Member is capable of paying for a procedure and utilizes a participating hospital or facility, the Hospital Savings Program will save them money.


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